Privacy Policy

  1. Owner of this website is: Josef Fojtík, Přistoupimská 430, 10800 Praha 10, Czech Republic, Europe. IČ (Company ID) 14922584.

  2. When you visit this website, I don’t automatically collect, store, process or transmit your personal or another data.

  3. I don’t use any own cookies on this website. But I’m not able to completely exclude third party cookies, which existence is not under my control and which I’m not able to access.

  4. If you will send me some question or message by means of my e-mail, the information included in your message, including your e-mail address will stay in my e-mailbox joseffojtik@atlas.cz provider of which is Economia, a.s., IČ (Company ID): 281 91 226, with the headquarter: Pernerova 673/47, Karlín, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic, Europe, until your question or message will be solved. I don’t perform any other processing of such information.

  5. I only process your personal data in case you will order goods - books from me and I’m doing it only in the extent necessary for the immediately related communication, invoicing and delivery of the goods.

  6. Orders, invoices, delivery notes and another documentation, which is necessary to fulfill your order is stored for 10 years, which is stated by applicable laws.

  7. If you click the links on my website you will get on another websites, where there could be applied another Privacy Policies than on my website. As needed read please the Privacy Policy Statements on these specific websites.

  8. On the base of the General Data Protection Regulation you have right to:

- get information of which of your personal data I process.
- request the deleting of your personal data if of course it is not in violation of the points no. 5 a 6 above.

  1. If you have some questions you may contact me on my e-mail: joseffojtik@atlas.cz.